Lampshade Rotating Laser Drilling Machine

Lampshade Rotating Laser Drilling Machine

The equipment is customised for glass lampshade spherical or curved surface material, using high energy and high precision laser to perforate the glass crystal material, equipped with high definition camera positioning, professional customised operation software control system and customised rotary jig, to achieve high precision, high quality and stable perforation effect.

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ltem Name Lampshade Rotating Laser Drilling Machine
Laser Power 80W/130W/180W
Laser Wavelength 107Onm
Processing Depth 0.03-2cm
Targeting red light indicator
Processing Speed 0-1200mm/s(adjustable)
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Processing size 400*400(standard) (adjustable)
Chipping <0.1mm
Electricity Demand 220V/50HZ
Total power protection level IP54
Cooling Method water cooling
Equipment size (length, width and height) 105cm*100cm*140cm(adjustable)

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