Glassware Laser Drilling Machine

Glassware Laser Drilling Machine

The equipment uses a high-energy, high-precision laser to drill holes in glass materials,equipped with high-definition camera positioning and professional customized operation software control system to achieve high accuracy and quality drilling effect.

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Item Name Glassware Laser Drilling Machine
Laser Power 80W/130W/180W
Laser Wavelength 1070nm
Processing Depth 0.03-2cm
Targeting red light indicator
Processing Speed 0-1200mm/s(adjustable)
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Processing size 400*400(standard)(adjustable)
Chipping <0.1mm
Electricity Demand 220V/50HZ
Total power protection level IP54
Cooling Method water cooling
Equipment size 
(length, width and height)

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