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2023 The 9th CGE China Guangzhou Glasstec Expo

Time: 2023-08-25Author:Xinlei

Exhibition Date: August 21-23, 2023

Exhibition Location: Guangzhou Pazhou-Canton Fair Complex(China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex)

Organizer: Guangdong Glass Association (GDGA) / Guangzhou Ruihong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Xinlei Laser Equipment Manufacturer participated in this exhibition from August 21 to 23, 2023, and it ended successfully.

The business environment in 2022 will be difficult, and the market is in urgent need of more new products and new technologies to lead the stable development of the industry. As the first professional glass industry exhibition successfully held in China in 2022, CGE has undoubtedly injected a boost into the industry market. In 2023, this exhibition will still attract the attention of the industry market. Shenzhen Xinlei Laser Co., Ltd. brought its full range of products and samples of glass laser drilling application solutions to the exhibition, which was full of attractions. It effectively promotes the active connection between upstream and downstream industrial units and creates more business opportunities for many participants. Among the products are 130W glass laser drilling machine, large-format glass laser drilling equipment, and enclosed glass laser punching machine.

DSC_0170 P后5.png

Show product 1:

130W glass laser drilling machine - smooth and burr-free, no need for secondary processing

Open tabletop glass laser drilling machine, laser power 130W, high cost performance. It has the features of high precision and high efficiency. It has minimal edge chipping and is suitable for various hole shapes. Desktop fixed workpieces can be customized, with options such as 2D (XY axis), 3D (XYZ axis), rotating chuck, etc.


Show product 2:

Large-format glass laser drilling equipment - paint stripping, holes drilling, one machine for multiple purposes

Dual-station glass laser drilling machine, suitable for photovoltaic glass laser drilling, smart mirror laser paint stripping + drilling, kitchenware glass laser drilling, etc.


Show product 3:

Enclosed glass laser punching machine - high degree of safety and automation

Closed glass laser drilling equipment can be used in glass jars, glass tubes, glass cups, glass lids, glass milk bottles, glass tea drains, glass tea sets and other industries.


This is a journey of harvest. At the exhibition, Xinlei Laser Equipment Manufacturer not only sold all the exhibition equipment, we also brought back a lot of valuable opinions from end users and dealers. Xinlei Laser Equipment Manufacturer has achieved considerable development and success in the laser equipment industry in recent years; it has a certain brand heritage and development voice. With good marketing capabilities, we occupy a pivotal position in the field of automation equipment for metals, plastics, glass and other materials. Even so, we know there is “a long way to go.” We will also continue to improve the management system, accelerate the branding process of Xinlei Laser, rationally face market demand, and provide better services to our customers and friends.

Time flies, and the three-day exhibition has concluded successfully. This exhibition is really eye-opening, displaying a variety of cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, making us full of expectations for the future. Thank you to all visitors and exhibitors for attending and we look forward to seeing you next time.

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