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2023 CIAIE The 17th International Automotive Interiors and Exteriors (GBA) Exhibition

Time: 2023-12-11Author:Xinlei

Exhibition Date: December 6-8, 2023

Exhibition Location: Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan)

Organizer: Info Convention & Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Guangdong Automobile Industry Association

Xinlei Laser Equipment Manufacturer participated in this exhibition from December 6 to 8, 2023, and it ended successfully.

Since CIAIE was held, it has become a large-scale, professional, international and highly influential automotive interior and exterior decoration industry chain industry event. Xinlei Laser Equipment Manufacturer carefully prepares Xinlei Laser's interior and exterior processing equipment - robots and automation equipment for the automotive industry. The products include 3D laser engraving machine with five-axis rotation, 3D laser engraving machine with manipulator, large-format 3D laser engraving machine, 3D laser marking machine and end-pump laser marking machine. Their ingenious appearance design and precision laser engraving precision sample display attracted many domestic and foreign merchants to gather to watch, consult and negotiate. Many buyers brought technical problems encountered at the processing site. After the technical guidance and process optimization of Xinlei Laser's highly qualified engineers, many customers were extremely satisfied and reached purchase intentions on site.


Show product 1:

3D laser engraving machine with manipulator - more flexible and high-end laser engraving for complex processes 

The robotic 3D laser engraving machine is specially designed for 3D large-format laser engraving of interior and exterior automotive parts, making each car more personalized and highlighting brand characteristics. Automobile center control panels, gear handle shells, steering wheels, ambient lights, interior trim strips, bumpers, grilles, car lights, wheel hubs, etc. often use laser engraving to etch stripes, patterns, etc. on the surface of the workpiece. By utilizing laser and 3D dynamic focusing system technology, the laser spot focus can be instantly adjusted on the surface of a three-dimensional large-format workpiece to achieve complete etching of the entire complex component at one time, achieving texture and hollow light-transmitting effects, making it visually more advanced and beautiful.


Show product 2:

Large-format 3D laser engraving machine-for PVD vacuum plating matte one-piece laser engraving process

The large-format 3D laser engraving machine is specially designed for laser engraving and matte effects after PVD vacuum coating of automotive interior parts, making each car more personalized and highlighting the brand's characteristics. By using laser and 3D dynamic focusing system technology, laser engraving of patterns, stripes, letters, etc. can be performed on the surface of three-dimensional large-format special-shaped workpieces, which can be completed in one go, making it visually more layered, high-end, and beautiful appearance.


This is a journey of harvest. At the exhibition, Xinlei Laser Equipment Manufacturer not only sold all the exhibition equipment, we also brought back a lot of valuable opinions from end users and dealers. Xinlei Laser Equipment Manufacturer has achieved considerable development and success in the laser equipment industry in recent years; it has a certain brand heritage and development voice. With good marketing capabilities, we occupy a pivotal position in the field of automation equipment for metals, plastics, glass and other materials. Even so, we know there is “a long way to go.” We will also continue to improve the management system, accelerate the branding process of Xinlei Laser, rationally face market demand, and provide better services to our customers and friends.

Time flies, and the three-day exhibition has concluded successfully. This exhibition is really eye-opening, displaying a variety of cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, making us full of expectations for the future. Thank you to all visitors and exhibitors for attending and we look forward to seeing you next time.

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