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Smart mirror 3-in-1 laser etching machine is becoming the new favorite in the mirror industry

Time: 2024-04-20Author:Xinlei

With the continuous development of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, smart mirrors have broad application prospects. Smart mirrors can be combined with cloud services to achieve more functions, such as voice assistants, smart home control, etc. In addition, the functions of smart mirrors can be continuously upgraded, such as facial recognition, body temperature detection and other functions, and are expected to realize more applications in the future.


Smart mirrors have a wide range of applications, such as home, business, medical and other fields.

In the home field, smart mirrors can be used as "smart assistants" in makeup, skin care, washing, etc., which can not only improve efficiency, but also provide users with a better experience.

In the commercial field, smart mirrors can be used in advertising displays, displaying product information and other scenarios to improve promotional effects.

In the medical field, smart mirrors can be used for diagnosis and recording patient data.


Two positioning methods for laser equipment are introduced below:

1. Infrared Assisted Positioning

Infrared-assisted positioning is a common positioning method used for laser equipment. The laser transmitter automatically emits an infrared scanning beam when it is working. When the scanning beam passes through the object, it will be reflected back. The sensor will sense the reflected light and perform calculations to determine the position coordinates of the object. The advantages of infrared-assisted positioning are high accuracy and good stability. It is suitable for plane positioning and three-dimensional space positioning, and is especially suitable for small positioning objects, such as small-format smart mirrors less than 1 meter.

2. CCD Vision Positioning

CCD visual positioning is a smarter and more flexible positioning method. It uses the high-definition CCD camera built into the laser equipment to capture the field of view image of the work area as an input signal, and calculates the object's pose through image processing and recognition algorithms to accurately locate the workpiece. The advantages of CCD visual positioning include high positioning accuracy, strong applicability, good visual effects, and being unaffected by light. It can be applied to the positioning of complex shapes, many parts, and irregular objects, such as large-format bathroom mirrors larger than 1 meter.


In general, infrared-assisted positioning and CCD visual positioning each have their own applicable scenarios, and different positioning methods need to be selected according to specific situations.For example, for small positioning objects or plane positioning, infrared-assisted positioning can be given priority; for workpieces that require three-dimensional space positioning or need to process more complex shapes, CCD visual positioning can be used.

In short, there are many choices for laser equipment positioning methods. Choosing the appropriate positioning method according to different application ranges can improve positioning accuracy and production efficiency.


Ø This 3-in-1 smart mirror product developed and produced by Xinlei Laser combines infrared auxiliary positioning and CCD visual positioning methods, and can flexibly use static and dynamic scanning methods to perform corresponding processing on customers' smart mirror products. It has the characteristics of fast efficiency and high production capacity.

Ø Xinlei Laser's smart mirror etching machine also has many advantages. It can strip paint, sand, and drill holes. It has a three-in-one process. Three pieces of equipment can be used as one, which is extremely cost-effective. Not only does it save labor costs, but it also has low maintenance costs.


Smart Mirror 3-in-1 Laser Etching Machine Product Display:



The mirror industry is showing a trend of diversification and personalization. Smart mirror laser etching machines have become an important tool in the modern mirror manufacturing industry with their advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility, and high cost performance. In future development, smart mirror laser engraving equipment will be continuously optimized and upgraded, bringing more innovations and breakthroughs to more industries.

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