Smart Mirror Laser Engraving Machine

Smart Mirror Laser Engraving Machine

Intelligent mirror laser sanding machine is a new type of equipment used in the production of intelligent mirror manufacturing, the equipment solves the intelligent mirror production process of film, engraving and painting, tearing the film of the cumbersome process, as well as easy to scratch the disadvantages of defective products, the use of laser etching in the form of a process to make a translucent part of the graphic and the switch button part of the beautiful high-grade effect, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved, greatly reducing the cost of production of the enterprise! The production efficiency is greatly improved, greatly reducing the production cost of the enterprise, and increasing the daily production capacity of the factory by 2-3 times.

Smart mirror laser sanding machine can be used for smart mirror sanding, mirror / glass perforation, mirror de-filming three kinds of processes, greatly improving the effectiveness of the production enterprise, reduce the cost of equipment purchase.

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Item Name Smart Mirror Laser Engraving Machine
Laser Power 130W/180W/250W
Laser Type Anti-high backfoot power metal fiber laser generator
Maximum processing material 1.5m*3m (customizable)
Processable light mirror materials Silver mirror, aluminum mirror, environmentally friendly copper-free mirror, resin mirror, etc.
Laser processing accuracy 1 wire (0.01mm)
Equipment power 4500W
Processing movement speed 0-40m/min
Processing thickness 1-50mm
Cooling method Constant temperature water cooling
Positioning fixture Aluminum alloy four-station positioning fixture
Weight(Kg) 1500 (kg)

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