Fully Automatic Coil Cutting Production Line

Fully Automatic Coil Cutting Production Line

Suitable for automotive parts, copper and aluminum substrates, PCBs. glasses, gold jewelry, gold and silver jewelry, LED lighting, mobile phone structural parts, mobile phone casings, audio casings, ceramic substrates. magnetic materials and other products.

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Product name Automatic Coil Laser Cutting Production Line
Laser power 1000W/2000W/3000W/6000W
Coil thickness 0.5-3.5mm
Coil width 500-2150mm
Coil weight 10T-30T
Cutting speed 50m/min (1mm,Single head)
X/Y axis cutting range 1365mm/3025mm (can be customized)
X/Y axis cutting repeatability  ±0.02mm
Electricity requirements AC3X380V±10%,50Hz±2Hz
Air compression 0.6MPa& 1.4MPa
Cooling water Industrial water, industrial pure water

Industry Applications

Widely used in various industries

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